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Annual San Diego Bassmasters Fishing Camp






The San Diego Bassmasters created another magical fishing event for many who had never had the wonderful experience of fishing before. Many of the children landed a catch, and by their smiles of excitement and joy, it was obvious they were proud of accomplishing a great task. Mothers shared with us that the boys and girls were up as early as five in the morning anticipating the day and eagerly waiting to get into their cars and head out for an adventure of boat rides, good food, and the chance to catch a fish.

Sisters Karen (10) and Noemi (4) experience a full day of new adventures. Karen told her mom, “fishing is for boys,” but with prodding, she went to the event. While on the boat, she couldn’t believe she was in a boat on a lake for the first time. Within 20 minutes, she caught her first fish and excitedly yelled, screamed, and pulled on her mother.  Her mother got so thrilled with the experience she accidentally dropped her phone into the lake. Mom said the entire experience and her children catching 5 lb fish was worth losing her cell phone. Note the excitement and elation of these girls as they pose with their fish for the first time in their little lives. Mom said they loved their mentor, Rich Fallon, who was so kind and gentle with the girls, and they could not believe the boat was his.


The kind and compassionate Bassmaster mentors made themselves available to these children as teachers and good listeners.  They calmly helped every child present and served as very positive role models. This was a memorable and important day for these girls and boys from traumatic situations. It was also a relaxed and beautiful place for the mothers of the children to connect to one another in a supportive environment.


The day concluded with each boy and girl receiving a beautiful award. The mothers raved about their kids being so happy with their trophies.


Thanks to you, the Bassmasters provided some absolutely priceless memories for children served by Crisis House. It was a day that they, their families, the Bassmasters, and we at Crisis House will always remember. Thank you for helping make it a possibility. We are grateful to you for your care and concern for those in our midst suffering from the effects of domestic violence.  As evidenced, your support has made a significant difference and given us the opportunity to respond, renew, and connect families to the life-supporting services they need.

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