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Camp HOPE America Affiliate
San Diego

What is HOPE?

Camp HOPE America – San Diego helps youth exposed to trauma and domestic violence find pathways to hope and healing through an innovative camping and year-round mentoring program. Our team at Crisis House is passionate about fostering a safe, hope-driven community for campers and their families through coordinating a week of camp, followed by monthly activities exposing youth to different areas of interest such as nature, arts, and STEM to spark career goals and develop pathways to achieve those goals.


Existing evidence on domestic violence suggests that children affected by trauma are at risk for increased anxiety and depression, social isolations, increased aggression and propensity to perpetuate the cycle of domestic violence. With the guidance of Camp HOPE America at Alliance for HOPE International, Crisis House has the opportunity to help youth and their families break harmful cycles of violence and build their hope for a brighter future.

What is Camp HOPE America – San Diego?

What is HOPE ?

HOPE is a Science! More than simply wishing for something to happen, it's composed of agency (willpower) and pathways (waypower).  In the words of Casey Gwinn, “hope is the belief that your future can be brighter and better than your past and that you actually have a role to play in making it better.”  

Camp HOPE America at Alliance for HOPE International is the first evidence-based mentoring and camping program, they work with the University of Oklahoma and their research team, led by Dr. Chan Hellman, to use the Science of Hope to gauge the success of the program. Since 2014, Camp HOPE America has seen a significant increase of hope in each of their campers, and Crisis House will participate in assessing the Hope of our youth participants. 


Hope reflects an individual’s capacity to develop pathways and dedicate agency toward desirable goals. At Crisis House, we are witnessing the impact and power of Hope with our youth and clients in San Diego. We strive to build hope within individuals and families to break the cycle of violence and homelessness.


“You can love these kids at eight, nine or 10 or you can wait and lock them up at

17, 18 or 20 and then say you’re

tough on crime.” - Casey Gwinn,

Founder of Camp HOPE America

Our volunteers are essential to building a hope-centered community and supporting our kids' dreams and goals. 
Our youth and their family's pathways to healing and hope are at no cost to them. Participants are supported through donations and support like yours.

Contact Information

For more information on how to participate in the program, volunteer, or donate, please contact our Program Manager, Dustin Robinson


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