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Hygiene Drive

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Project Homeless Connect

Click here to purchase 
Amazon's Basic Hygiene Kit for Homeless
and send it directly to
Crisis House! 

Support the Crisis House Personal Hygiene Kit Drive 

Hygiene kits are distributed to the homeless to promote overall wellness and health, self-esteem, and enhance employability.


Our greatest need is for those items listed below: (Travel-size preferred)

  •  Shampoo and Conditioner

  •  Toothbrushes and Toothpaste-Soap/Body Wash

  •  Brushes and Combs

  •  Lotion/Sunscreen

  •  Hand Sanitizer and Kleenex

  •  Deodorant

  •  Disposable Razors

  •  Mini First Aid Kit

  •  Feminine hygiene products

  •  Athletic socks

  •  Washcloths


Bonus Items: nail clippers, lip balm, dental floss, shaving cream, gum/mints, and anti-bacterial wipes.

One gallon plastic bags with zipper closure for packing.

If you or your organization can help, please contact us at (619) 444-1194 or
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