Domestic Violence

Homeless Prevention

Financial Assistance for eligible survivors of domestic violence and their minor children to retain their current rental housing.

Journey On- Emergency Shelter Program

Journey On provides temporary shelter for women or men and their minor children fleeing a domestic violence situation. The staff advocate will work with the survivor to provide food, clothing, transportation, case management, and counseling and will assist in finding other housing options and supportive services in the community to help resolve the crisis.

New Journey Joint Transitional Housing and Rapid Re-Housing

This transitional housing program serves women and their minor children who are fleeing a domestic violence situation. We provide safe housing in apartments that are fully furnished in confidential locations throughout San Diego County. Crisis House supports families recovering from their trauma by providing individual and group counseling, case management, health care, food, and other crucial support services. Survivors learn how to form non-violent family units, identify red flags in toxic relationships, provide emotional support to other survivors, rebuild self-esteem, and set healthy boundaries. Women are empowered to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes. They transition to being independent and self-sufficient by increasing income and securing permanent housing when they graduate from the program.

99% of the families who graduate from transitional housing are placed into permanent housing through rapid re-housing. The goal is to support the household to eliminate barriers that impede their access to housing. We have a long term partnership with Soroptimist International of Poway and North San Diego who furnish and subsidize the rent of several units in a partnership with Community Housing Works. Soroptimists also mentor the women during and after they leave the program. Families are provided with financial assistance and case management as our Housing Locator helps to find safe and affordable housing. 


Journey Home and Safe Journey - Rapid Re-Housing

Rapid re-housing is an intervention designed to help families and individuals quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. The goal is to support the household to eliminate barriers that impede their access to housing.  These rapid-rehousing programs provide financial assistance to families and their children who are fleeing a domestic violence situation. Families are helped with things like security deposits, first month rent and other move in expenses so they can quickly access and retain housing. Case management services help participants resolve barriers to accessing their own apartment and our Housing Locator helps them find housing near work and school that is safe and affordable.


East County Housing Connections

Housing Connections provides housing assessment and housing navigation/case management for homeless families (including veterans) and individuals in East County. The Housing Navigator helps resolve housing barriers, connects them to supportive services and assists with finding affordable housing. May also provide rental assistance for families and individuals verified to be homeless in the City of El Cajon.

To report domestic violence, contact the San Diego County Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-888-DV-LINKS or 1-888-385-4657

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