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Deborah . . .

"Deborah" came to us after being clean and sober only sixty-eight days. She had been abusing prescription medications and alcohol. Prior to coming to Crisis House she received treatment for her drug addictions and mental illness. "Deborah" had studied to become a nurse and had received her AA degree in nursing. She had been working as a nurse’s assistant until she was no longer able to hold down a job.  "Deborah" worked on her recovery and received the counseling she needed to stabilize her life.  She continued to attend classes, studied for her RN exam and returned to full time employment in the medical field. She was doing so well that she was allowed to see her three children unsupervised.  She was happily involved in their lives again as a clean and sober mom, taking them to school activities and meeting with their teachers. After ten months in the program” Deborah", graduated and rented a two bedroom apartment near her job and the children’s school.  "Deborah" remains clean and sober today. Her children stay with her several days each week and she is still actively involved with them in a positive way.


Family #1 . . . This family was staying in an emergency shelter and both parents were struggling with drug use. They had their young child taken away as a result of their life style.  They seemed motivated to address their issues to get their child back so the first step in the case management process at Crisis House was to arrange a bed at a Treatment Center. Addiction is a disease of relapses and it often takes more than once to fully embrace the program and this couple wasn’t ready. Crisis House staff didn’t give up. After a lot of tough love and more intensive case management this couple found the courage to try treatment again. On behalf of Crisis House and the collaboration of several community agencies this family is now in a program with their daughter and both have been clean and sober for over a year and are both working full time jobs. This Family is still a part of the case management program at Crisis House.


Family #2 . . . When Crisis House met this family they had been evicted from their apartment due to non-payment of rent. The husband lost his job and they had a newborn baby when they arrived at our door step.  They had been living in their car.  They were assessed by a Case Manager who placed them in our motel voucher program.  Within twenty-six days, Crisis House was able to get this family into their own apartment. If that wasn’t enough of a success, a child that had previously been removed from home as a result of their unstable living conditions, was reunified with them now that they had acquired stable housing. This family remains in their apartment, both parents are still working and the family is still together and doing well.


Family #3 . . . "Grandma" took custody of her three grandchildren and came to Crisis House for housing assistance   and emergency shelter.  The Crisis House case manager placed them into emergency shelter while she continued working with the family. "Grandma" took the children to three different schools via the bus each day! Shortly after her shelter stay she found a place to move into with rental assistance from Crisis House.  Grandma is working and comes in from time to time to receive food assistance for her family from our Food Pantry Program which helps her stay housed on her limited income.

To report domestic violence, contact the San Diego County Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-888-DV-LINKS or 1-888-385-4657

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