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Project Homeless Connect – East County

Hosted by Crisis House

When: April 12, 2019 from 10am- 2pm

Where:  195 E Douglas Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020​


Homelessness occurs across the United States in all major cities. Project Homeless Connect began in 2004 in San Francisco to support the national initiative to end chronic homelessness. Project Homeless Connect now occurs across the United States in all major cities. This event brings necessary services to the homeless men, women, and families in our community in one location, on one day. It is a comprehensive resource fair that provides the homeless with connections to housing, employment, haircuts, hygiene kits, DMV/California Identification, legal aid, clothing, mobile medical clinic, mental health counseling, pastoral care, addiction services, access to showers, pet sitting, and more. Crisis House hosts the East County event annually. Each year, more than 35 corporations, non-profit groups, congregations, and government agencies attend and 175 homeless people participate.


It is an excellent way to mobilize various agencies and volunteers to ensure that individuals with the limited ability and access to obtain services receive help immediately instead of the weeks or months it may otherwise take. We work hard so that our participants receive holistic care in a dignified setting.


The fight to end chronic homelessness is now more important than ever. On the night of January 27, 2017, as reported by the San Diego County Regional Task Force on Homelessness, the Point-in-Time-Count revealed a 62% increase in the number of individuals who are chronically homeless in San Diego County. In East County, 750 homeless persons were documented that night. Although the 2018 report is not finalized, we do know that the numbers have increased again in East County and County-wide. 

Our goal is to continue to host this important, life-changing event and we are asking for your support to ensure its longevity. Join the Project and ensure our community helps:


  1. Connect the homeless to services that will allow them to become permanently housed.

  2. Provide resources and referrals to various health and social services.

  3. Partner with corporations, congregations, civic clubs, individuals, government, and nonprofits to help individuals in need.

  4. Engage community volunteers.

  5. Expand awareness of homelessness and the needs of the homeless.

  6. Work to end chronic homelessness.


Click on this link for sponsorship opportunities.


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been and is for our community. h




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