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Staff Directory

Crisis House Phone Number: 619-444-1194

Executive Director - Bio
Kelcie Parra  - ext. 315   


Director of Accounting & Human Resources
Scott Sheridan - ext. 319

Director of Programs
Steven Anderson

Journey Programs Program Manager

Mariana Diaz

Director of Development
Ashley Blanc - ext. 321

Camp HOPE Program Manager
Dustin Robinson - ext. 310

Program Assistant
Jen "J" Vokins - ext. 312

Camino Esperanza Resource Navigator

Adriana Alcaraz - ext. 320

New Journey Case Manager
Susie Suarez - ext. 313

New Journey Case Manager
Patty Choy - ext. 302 

Employment Specialist
Michelle Tellez - ext. 309

Journey Home Case Manager

Maria Arvelo - ext. 306

ECHC Homeless Outreach Coordinator

Luisa Carreras - ext. 323

ECHC Homeless Outreach Team Lead
Jon Ortega - ext. 308

North County Domestic Violence Advocate

Laurie Howard

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