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How We Help

At Crisis House, our trained, trauma-informed staff and volunteers respond immediately to people experiencing crises.  We connect them to services that can help stop life-threatening circumstances and put them on a path to renew their lives. 

Our Philosophy

Empower individuals to act with self-determination.


Our Mission

We respond immediately to stop the cycle of domestic

violence and homelessness and connect families and

individuals to crucial resources that empower them to renew

their lives.

Our Values

Hope: Inspire confidence in a brighter future

Integrity:  Act with honesty and accountability

Respect:  Give compassion and regard to all

Empowerment:  Embrace personal strengths to make life-changing decisions

Excellence: Seek professional development and practice on-going improvement

Regional Task Force on the Homeless report data

**Ranked #1 and #2 in San Diego County by the Regional Continuum of Care Council, Crisis House has served as a helping hand to those in need since 1970.

Today we continue to strengthen the lives of more than 5,000 people,  connecting them to 18,000 services annually, thanks to our generous donors.


We solve homelessness for 99% of the families and individuals who graduate from our housing programs and we prevent thousands from experiencing homelessness each year. We keep people safe in our Journey Programs serving women and children fleeing from domestic violence. 

Woman with son on her back while a man has his daughter on his back smiling.
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