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Domestic violence and child abuse and neglect can have detrimental and long-lasting effects on survivors' lives. Crisis House is committed to working alongside our community to bring awareness to these issues and share information to immediately stop cycles of violence.

It is essential to recognize the signs of trauma and have resources available for survivors to receive the appropriate support and assistance on their journey toward transformation and healing. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence (also referred to as intimate partner violence (IPV), dating abuse, or relationship abuse) is a pattern of abusive behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship.

Know the Signs & Statistics.

Additional Resource: National Domestic Violence Hotline Website

Child Abuse & Neglect

Child abuse is an act, or failure to act, that causes a child serious harm or risk of harm. Neglect occurs when a caregiver doesn't provide a child with basic needs. 

Know the Signs & Statistics.

Additional Resource: Joyful Heart Foundation

You are not alone.

There are resources available for you. 

National Child Abuse Hotline


National Domestic Violence Hotline


Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network


National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



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